The best care for waste containing Mercury

Potential contamination by Mercury is a growing international problem. In order to minimise environmental and health risks, Mercury contaminated waste must be handled with the greatest of care. BMT provides this care. Like no-one else we specialize in the purification and processing of Mercury and NORM contaminated waste substances produced in the gas, chlorine and recycling industries.

A total solution for Mercury contaminated waste

The purification, treatment and recycling of Mercury and NORM contaminated waste can absolutely not be carried out by just any waste processing company. Since 1991 BMT is one of the companies fully specialized in the processing of Mercury contaminated waste (in The Netherlands and Thailand) and NORM waste (in The Netherlands).

As a Mercury specialist working in accordance with ISO standards 9001 and 14001 we are in a position to handle all types of Mercury contaminated waste effectively and safely. Every step in the logistical and purification process of Mercury contaminated waste constitutes a potential hazard. That's why we developed a 'Total Care' approach, which encompasses every facet of the handling process.

Total Care

We take your Mercury worries of your hands. Our package of services is especially fine-tuned for the maximum reduction in costs and liability associated with the removal of Mercury contaminated waste. You can come to us directly for:

  • applications for import/export licences;
  • on-site advice;
  • transfer into special UN-approved packaging;
  • transport and storage of mercury-contaminated waste;
  • processing of mercury waste, whether mobile or at a permanent location;
  • removal or recycling of mercury residues.