BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) is since 1991 specialised in the treatment of various types of Mercury contaminated waste. It goes without saying that over the years we have accumulated a great deal of expertise and experience in our professional field and can therefore provide thorough advice for the specific treatment of your Mercury contaminated waste.
Whatever your problem is with Mercury contaminated waste, we know what to do about it. We are familiar with all technical and logical aspects surrounding the processing of Mercury contaminated waste and can therefore guarantee you the safe, clean and effective treatment of your mercury waste. Naturally we comply with all current legislation and international standards.


Governments have rightly imposed very stringent rules relating to the purification, logistics and processing of mercury-contaminated waste.  We can support you with applications for all of the necessary permits, which enable the transport of mercury waste within the Netherlands (or internationally). All in accordance with the Basel Convention.

Packaging and storage

It goes without saying that safety is a priority in the packaging and storage of Mercury contaminated waste. At BMT we always package Mercury contaminated waste in accordance with international legislation for road and sea transport. We have available special Mercury containers of 80 liter or specific containers of 800 liter for Mercury contaminated waste.