BMT History

The company BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) started in 1991 with the development of a gravitational separation method for removing Mercury from sand. Two plants were operational, one at NAM (Shell/Exxon) in Groningen and the other at Solvay in Antwerp.

The patented vacuum distillation method was subsequently developed for purifying specific waste substances with Mercury. This technique became operational in 1996 and has been in use for 7 years at AVR in the Europoort (Rotterdam Harbor).

BMT subsequently relocated to its current premises in Farmsum, near Groningen in 2004 and established a new facility in Bangkok (Thailand) in 2013.

BMT has now expanded to become a large, specialist player in the purification market and specifically for waste substances containing Mercury and NORM.

Since the end of 2013 BMT is owned for 75% by the Dutch Active Capital Company (ACC) and the Belgium E-Capital. The remaining 25% is still in hands of Begemann Holding.