PTTEP has awarded a five-year contract to BMT Asia in Thailand for the environment friendly and safe treatment and disposal of wastes contaminated with mercury (Hg) for offshore, Gulf of Thailand.

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) is a national petroleum exploration and production company that provides sustainable petroleum supply to Thailand. The company has awarded a five-year contract to BMT Asia for the right treatment and sound disposal of the majority of their wastes contaminated with mercury (Hg). The contract starts on 1 November 2021.

Global concerns about the impact of mercury on the environment has led to an increased focus on the careful handling of mercury-contaminated waste. BMT is the world’s leading specialist in this field, with a wealth of experience treating this type of contamination in the oil and gas industry.

This contract is a great achievement and provides BMT Asia with a good opportunity to continue to develop new methods and technologies to treat mercury-contaminated waste in a safe, sustainable and effective way.

About BMT

BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) is the leading specialist in the field of treating all types of mercury-contaminated waste with operations in Australia, Thailand and the Netherlands. Over the years BMT has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of mercury contaminated waste from the oil and gas industry. Global concern about the impact of mercury on the environment has led to increasing focus on handling mercury contaminated waste with the greatest care.

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Phongsathon Inthasurat

commercial manager Asia