While COVID-19 has turned the industrial world upside down in many ways, the need for collecting all types of mercury and NORM contaminated waste has continued throughout the pandemic. As always, BMT has prioritized safety above all else. We have taken every precaution across all sites to ensure the safety of both our employees and our clients.

BMT measures

At the start of the outbreak in March 2020, BMT management announced strict regulations and guidelines for all employee and external suppliers and visitors. To ensure the safety of all staff:

  • All non-essential staff were requested to work from home.
  • Where practical, essential staff were put on different rosters to minimize the impact of cross-infection.
  • No visitors have been allowed on site.
  • Essential contractors only.

Client measures

In addition to BMT regulations and guidelines, BMT employees have also carefully followed client’s measurements regarding COVID-19.

  • An outbreak of COVID-19 requires early and effective detection of suspected cases to limit the risk of exposure to others. Before visiting clients’ facility, our employees submit a comprehensive screening questionnaire.
  • For offshore work, our employees quarantine themselves at their designated hotel for 14 days, complete COVID-19 testing and obtain approval from the client before travelling offshore.

These measures have enabled BMT to continue to offer a wide range of mercury and NORM treatment and management services to our clients throughout the pandemic, with safety remaining our top priority.

About BMT

BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) is the leading specialist in the field of treating all types of mercury-contaminated waste with operations in Australia, Thailand and the Netherlands. Over the years BMT has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of mercury contaminated waste from the oil and gas industry. Global concern about the impact of mercury on the environment has led to increasing focus on handling mercury contaminated waste with the greatest care.

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Kasper Brakenhoff

COO BMT International B.V.