In line with our strong commitment to providing safe, cost effective, sustainable solutions, BMT Europe is delighted to announce that two new Stokkermill shredders are now in production in Farmsum, The Netherlands.

Kasper Brakenhoff, General Manager Europe: “It is fantastic that the mill takes away the big chunk of dangerous manual labor in processing thermometers and the like. It is faster and safer!”

Two shredders have been installed at the Farmsum site in The Netherlands. The shredder transforms the preparation process, greatly reducing the size of the materials that arrive on location. So then less buckets and oven space is required. Most importantly, the shredder means the materials that are mercury and/or radioactive contaminated do not have to leave the premises. Any fumes that may arise during processing can be collected and treated in such a way that there are no emissions.

The Stokkermill shredders provide considerable time and cost savings and create real efficiencies in our production process. For example:

  • Improved safety – includes latest safety features such as a light screen that monitors how the operator approaches the machine. It also reduces manual handling of dangerous materials.
  • Saves energy – less ovens are required to treat the same amount of materials
  • Saves process time and cost – the mill shreds items that once had to be sorted and disposed of manually – such as PBM’s and thermometers. This saves manual labor and time.
  • Creates efficiency – once shredded, items that have been through the mill take up less space and therefore more can fit into the oven in the next stage of the process
  • Improves transport costs – the mill can also shred packaging materials, saving transport and scrap cost

We are delighted with early strong performance of the two new Stokkermill shredders and look forward to seeing more positive results as part of our commitment to safety and continuous improvement.

Kasper Brakenhoff

COO BMT International B.V.