The Netherlands is struggling with an explosive rise in crystal meth laboratories in rural areas. The use of mercury in the production of crystal meth poses a significant public health problem. When a drug lab is closed down, the mercury found in contaminated soil and buildings must be disposed of safely – this is where BMT comes in.

In the production of crystal meth, mercury is almost always used as a purifying agent. It is odorless and partly invisible, but extremely poisonous and therefore dangerous for the police, fire brigade or other municipal services that may arrive on the scene. Remediation is necessary to prevent the toxic mercury from entering the groundwater. The presence of mercury is particularly concerning. Mercury is extremely toxic and has properties. Removing mercury requires high levels of specialist remediation knowledge.

Mourik, active in 22 countries, specializes in services including industrial cleaning and the removal of toxic substances. The company is active in the fast-growing service of safely closing down and disposing of drug labs. This involves removing and disposing of hazardous (raw) materials and chemicals. BMT Mercury is the only place in the Netherlands where mercury with such concentrations may then be processed.

Toxic mercury, safely processed

Drug labs are life threatening and are sometimes located in the middle of residential areas. One wrong move can cause a boiler to explode, or poisonous gases to be released. Cleaning up a lab is expensive. It can cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Most recently, BMT processed mercury from a drug lab found in a shed in the East of The Netherlands. Large quantities of mercury were used in the production process at this location. The shed in which the drug lab was housed and the underlying slurry cellar were both heavily contaminated with drug waste with mercury residues. The entire structure had to be demolished with great care and then transported in parts to BMT Mercury.

In addition to the labs, drug waste is dumped on remote rural roads every day. These barrels must also be safely disposed of by experts.

About BMT

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