When BMT’s client, a Dutch scrap metal company, was demolishing a tanker, they found contaminated stainless steel. Knowing they have a responsibility to their people and to the planet, they called BMT for swift, safe and sustainable waste management.

BMT was quick to get across the problem and take responsibility for managing the entire process to deliver the solution. This included advice on safe transport, taking care of documentation and labelling, using the right containers for transport and then administering proper waste management. BMT then sold the residual materials and the proceeds of the sale went straight back to the client.

The client was so impressed with BMT’s speed, expertise and capable management of the entire process, they have already hired BMT for their next project.

BMT treats all kinds of waste
BMT is the global leader in responsible mercury and NORM waste management. BMT works wherever mercury is found. BMT is the leading specialist in the field of processing all types of mercury and NORM contaminated waste. We have consistently innovated the best ways to treat mercury and NORM waste. BMT treats all kinds of waste, including stainless steel.

Kasper Brakenhoff

COO BMT International B.V.