Responsible mercury & NORM waste solutions

BMT is the global leader in responsible mercury and NORM waste management. We work wherever mercury or NORM is found. We are the world’s leading innovator in mercury and NORM waste solutions for today and tomorrow.

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Safest mercury and NORM waste management in the world

Continuous advancement of technology and in-house solutions

Leading innovation in mercury and NORM waste treatment

A Mercury & NORM technology company

BMT works to the highest standards for mercury and NORM extraction in the world. Our in-house research and development team innovate cutting edge mercury & NORM solutions.

We treat all kinds of mercury and NORM contaminated waste, regardless of the source. BMT works where mercury or NORM is found, often in or near the location generated. We provide responsible mercury & NORM waste management solutions for oil and gas industry waste, battery waste, acetyl chloride and all kinds of e-waste.

We take orders large and small and work with the majors and maintenance or other service providers to the majors.

Turn key solutions

We can help you with every step in dealing with mercury and NORM waste. For example:

  • Mercury and NORM waste storage, treatment and disposal
  • applications for import/export licenses under the Basel Convention
  • on-site supervision and assistance
  • metals and equipment cleaning
  • transfer of waste into special UN-approved packaging
  • transport and storage of mercury-contaminated waste
  • processing of mercury and NORM waste
  • disposal or recycling of residues
  • mercury and NORM waste management training
  • risk assessment and environmental monitoring
  • screening and testing advice
  • field services
  • urine testing advice;
  • other specialized mercury and NORM handling services as required

Steven Kranendonk

Director Business

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Steven Kranendonk

Director Business