BMT has successfully launched a new one-stop shop service for oil and gas clients. BMT provided the full service to a major player in the industry by emptying, cleaning and safely treating radioactive materials from two offshore skids – as well as handling activated carbon from housing offshore. This full service means a faster, more efficient service and a significant cost reduction.

Kasper Brakenhoff, General Manager Europe, reflects on this value-adding combination: “This is s great example of BMT’s flexibility and expertise by thinking along with the customer and offering this tailor-made solution.”

So, what did the first one-stop-shop service look like?

The skids – or metal frames – held activated carbon filter housing offshore. As soon as the skids arrived on shore, they were transported directly to BMT for treatment. This involved expert emptying and cleaning before a thorough radiation measurement. Once the tests confirmed the skids were clean, they were sent for use by another party for future projects. BMT is now processing the activated carbon and handle it according to local legislature.

BMT is pleased to have launched this new one-stop-shop service for our clients, delivering a clean result that is good for both people and planet.

About BMT

BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) is the leading specialist in the field of treating all types of mercury-contaminated waste with operations in Australia, Thailand and the Netherlands. Over the years BMT has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of mercury contaminated waste from the oil and gas industry. Global concern about the impact of mercury on the environment has led to increasing focus on handling mercury contaminated waste with the greatest care.

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Kasper Brakenhoff

COO BMT International B.V.