One of the ways BMT keeps people and the planet safe is by providing our partners with comprehensive HAZMAT training on the handling, and response to handling, hazardous materials. We also supply Mercury and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (“NORM”) exposure badges. Recently our strategic partner in Brunei, CIC Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd. (“CIC”), called on us to provide this training and to provide these badges.

HAZMAT Training
People working at CIC often handle hazardous materials and are also called on to respond to handling hazardous materials. BMT’s training covers all that is required to do this safely and responsibly. This includes training on how to handle material leaks, spread, spills or accidents that may cause further damage to life, health, properties or the environment.

Exposure badges
BMT is also providing CIC with exposure badges. These badges are worn by personnel to detect if, and to what extent, they have been exposed to mercury and / or NORM. We then analyze the exposure badges and report on the findings.

We have successfully adapted our in person HAZMAT training to be performed online. Both theory and practice will be conducted via an online conference platform. All participants will receive internationally recoginzed certificates upon completion of this training. Just two of the ways BMT keeps people and the planet a little safer.