Mercury: let us handle it with care

BMT was established in 1991 to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury and NORM waste. BMT continually focuses on finding the safest, most sustainable and effective waste of treating, stabilising and responsible disposal of mercury and NORM contaminated waste. We have built the skills, knowledge and experience to become the only company in the world to actively innovate new solutions for mercury waste.

BMT’s in-house development center is continually developing new solutions. Government, industry and organizations consult us for our cutting edge solutions and advice on how best to manage their mercury.

BMT treats mercury at or near the location generated as often as possible. In recent years, we’ve established multiple locations around the world so mercury-contaminated waste never get to be transported across borders unnecessarily.

Mercury: let us handle it with care to secure a safer world.



  • Secure
    Safety always comes first
  • Ambitious
    Set to become #1 in mercury waste management
  • Flexible
    Customized solutions for all mercury issues
  • Expert
    The world’s leading experts in mercury and norm waste management
  • Resourceful
    In-house innovation for high-quality solutions

Paul Vorstermans

Chief Executive Officer