Over many years BMT has built up knowledge and experience to become the world’s leading consultants in mercury and NORM waste extraction. As trusted advisors, we guide our customers through the best solutions for their mercury and NORM waste challenges.

Risk assessment

Our experts take the time to get an in depth understanding of the risks regarding mercury contamination. We provide a trusted space to take a rigorous look at your challenges and then guide you through all relevant logistical, technical and legal requirements.

Manage risks

Every consultation comes from a core of extensive knowledge and practical experience. We manage the risks around mercury contamination, build trust and help secure customer reputations by providing a safe, clean and effective treatment of your waste.


BMT in the Netherlands has extensive permits within the framework of the Nuclear Energy Act. BMT is able to receive NORM sludge in offshore tanks. We can also accept other NORM waste substances and materials for processing, decontamination and final disposal in an environmentally friendly and safe way. The latest addition is the acceptance and treatment of t-NORM in the form of Thorium doted light bulbs.