The leading mercury and NORM specialist in the field

Your waste must be managed safely, efficiently, responsibly and in a way that’s good for the environment. National laws require it. International laws mandate it. And our people and planet depend on it.

BMT is the leading specialist in the field of processing all types of mercury and NORM contaminated waste. We have consistently innovated the best ways to treat mercury and NORM waste. We have developed new production devices that mean that our process is more efficient. Human contact is reduced and operating processes are more sustainable.

We are one of the few providers with the technology and equipment for the solidification and stabilization of mercury and NORM waste.

Paul Vorstermans

Chief Executive Officer

The world’s leading mercury and NORM removal expert

BMT exists to provide you the best mercury and NORM waste solutions.  Our specialists have been safely eliminating mercury and NORM since 1991. We know more about mercury and NORM management than any other company. We have the most advanced technology, intellectual property and in-house expertise for mercury and NORM waste management.

BMT Mercury and NORM Waste treatment

We lead innovations in the field and therefore we have unmatched access to the latest cutting edge technologies.

All facilities are set up in accordance with the highest health and safety and environmental standards.

We treat all kinds of waste. For example:

  • Sludge
  • Catalyst & Molecular sieve
  • Activated carbon
  • Ceramic balls
  • Filters
  • Batteries
  • Thermometers/ barometers
  • E Waste
  • PPE
  • Metal Equipment
  • Polluted Soil and Sand
  • Metallic mercury

BMT safely eliminates mercury and NORM waste from the eco-system. We manage the risks around mercury contamination, build trust and help secure customer reputations.

BMT in the Netherlands has extensive permits within the framework of the Nuclear Energy Act. BMT is able to receive NORM sludge in offshore tanks. We can also accept other NORM waste substances and materials for processing, decontamination and final disposal in an environmentally friendly and safe way.