One of the ways BMT provides our partners with excellent service is to share our expertise for the public interest. We have a strong history of sharing our knowledge with Thailand on mercury waste management in public health. We also play an active role in supporting the Minamata Convention – of which Thailand is a party.

Since 2014, BMT has worked with public health in Thailand on how to best deal with mercury waste. We provide advice on the treatment of mercury waste in public health, which includes a CSR program to share knowledge of good practice in mercury waste management. We also work with the Bureau of Environmental Health, the Department of Health and the Ministry of Public Health. In addition, we have also collected and treated mercury contaminated waste in hospitals at our facility at the Bangpoo Industrial Estate.

Most recently in August 2020, BMT Asia was invited by the Bureau of Dental Health, the Department of Health and the Ministry of Public Health to share our technical knowledge in mercury waste treatment from the public health system. We covered:

  • Mercury and human health: why it is better not to send mercury contaminated waste to incinerators
  • Sustainable treatment technology and how BMT provides sustainable services
  • Invaluable insights gained from a trial project initiated in 2014 by the Thai Bureau of Environmental Health

In addition, BMT actively supports the Minamata Convention, the convention established by the international community to protect people and the environment from mercury use.  BMT International is a technical advisor in mercury treatment to the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention (COP) the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Thailand ratified this convention in June 2017 and it became legally binding on 16 August 2017.

About BMT

BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) is the leading specialist in the field of treating all types of mercury-contaminated waste with operations in Australia, Thailand and the Netherlands. Over the years BMT has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of mercury contaminated waste from the oil and gas industry. Global concern about the impact of mercury on the environment has led to increasing focus on handling mercury contaminated waste with the greatest care.

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Sunisa Sonsa-ne

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