New solutions for a new climate reality

BMT removes the effects of mercury and NORM contaminated waste using the latest technology, backed by over 30 years of company experience in the field. We find cutting edge solutions to keep people, animals, the environment and our planet safe from the devastating effects of mercury.

BMT is the only company in the world that is actively innovating new solutions for a new climate reality. Our in-house research and development center is home to world leading experts committed to finding the safest and the best practice mercury management solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our work practices comply with the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the Basel Convention and we have expert knowledge of all relevant national and international laws. BMT’s solutions directly contribute to the Sustainable Development goals.

To limit any unnecessary transport of contaminated waste, BMT has established regional collection centers around the world. Our presence is continually expanding to provide our innovative services worldwide and treat mercury on location wherever possible.

Sustainability is not just a promise for us, it’s at the core of why we exist. BMT is here to secure a safer world.

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Kasper Brakenhoff

General Manager Europe