BMT Thailand will support Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd. with safe treatment and disposal of mercury-contaminated waste until end-2025.

Chevron has played a leading role in pioneering and developing the Thai oil and gas exploration and production industry for nearly 60 years. The company’s decision to extend its contract with BMT Thailand means we will continue to support Chevron’s Thailand-based operations with safe treatment and disposal services for mercury-contaminated waste until at least 31 December 2025.

Global concerns surrounding the environmental impact of mercury has led to an increased focus on the treatment of mercury-contaminated waste from oil and gas activities. Chevron’s longstanding relationship with BMT reflects our extensive experience in treating mercury-contaminated waste linked to exploration and production.

About BMT

At BMT, we support our customers through our proven mercury-treatment technology and our commitment to ensuring the highest possible safety and environmental standards. As a company focused on continuous improvement, we aim to continue advancing the world’s safest, most sustainable and effective waste-treatment processes for mercury-contaminated waste.

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Phongsathon Inthasurat

commercial manager Asia