Our mission

As a turn-key waste solution provider, BMT is helping both customers and planet Earth to safeguard health for all life. Our best-of-class vacuum distillation treatment, used for the decontamination of mercury and NORM contaminated waste help you to:

Reduce waste stockpiling

Make irresponsible landfill unnecessary

Sustainably dispose your hazardous materials

Re-purpose (part of) your waste stream

Safeguarding life and planet

BMT has been an early adopter in the market of mercury decontamination. Since her start in 1991, the aim has been to remove and keep as much mercury and NORM contaminated waste as possible out of the environment to protect life in any form at any place on earth. Safeguarding health for life and our planet is what drives us for now and next generations.

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Residue disposal ­and re-use

In addition to BMT’s drive to effectively support the preservation of our health and planet, there are economic reasons that support our business. BMT is supporting companies in their safe and sustainable waste disposal by minimizing the amount of waste that requires final storage. As final storage comes at an ever-increasing cost due to lack of space, BMT reduces hazardous waste volumes to a minimum.

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Residue disposal and re-use process