BMT provides mercury and NORM management services that can best be described as:

  • Enabling decision making by our Clients from the planning stage through to operations, maintenance, logistics, waste treatment and disposal and decommissioning.
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions to protect human health and the environment where mercury is a by-product or product of operations, maintenance and/or decommissioning;
  • Equally applicable to new developments and ageing operational infrastructure as it covers the total lifespan from planning through to decommissioning;
  • Include cost effective training and education, site based support, field services and specialist support

BMT Total Mercury and NORM Management Solutions

Linking the inputs required to achieve the outputs necessary for effective total mercury and norm management

Total mercury and NORM Management works across the end-to-end lifecycle of your operation. BMT provides support and advice across the complete spectrum of inputs and outputs required, including:

  • Inputs: Support with the Basis of Design and Key Engineering Decisions Required, Partitioning Studies and Emissions Modelling;
  • Ouputs: Development of Engineering Controls, Safe Work Standards, Sampling and Analysis, Personnel Monitoring, In-Air Monitoring, Purpose Built Facilities focused on cost effective operations, maintenance and/or decommissioning, Management of Waste, including logistics;
  • Mercury and norm waste treatment facilities: BMT has regional facilities to manage the storage, treatment, stabilization and disposal of mercury and NORM waste.

Our total mercury and norm management service includes our clients support in the following areas:

BMT Total Mercury and NORM Management Solutions